Trying to decide between a few different office spaces?
This is why leasing from us is different

If you are looking for professional office space in Surrey, Guildford, Fleetwood, Cloverdale, Surrey Central, Johnson Heights or Fraser Heights, you have come to the right place.

If you lease one of our full-time private offices:

  • Your office is your office. Your office space is private and exclusively yours.
  • It is never shared with other people.
  • You have your own private door to your office which you can close and lock.
  • You have access 24/7.
  • Every office has large windows for lots of natural light.

If you rent one of our part-time office spaces:

  • There is 3 desks that are available for your staff to use. There is also a meeting table that you can use for meetings.
  • During the days that you scheduled to use the office it is exclusively yours. (ie. this is not a co-working space), you can close the door for privacy.
  • You have access from midnight until midnight on the day of the week that you have signed up for.
  • The office has large windows for lots of natural light.

Both our private offices and part-time office have the following:

  • There is a large common waiting area for clients.
  • There is a shared kitchen and washrooms.
  • Lots of free parking for staff and customers.
  • There are no extra charges ever (The rent is the rent, there is no common area charges, triple net, property tax sharing or any other surprise fees) and utilities (hydro, heating, air conditioning) and internet are included for FREE.
  • Our office is in a clean professional building, surrounded by other professionals.

Office Sizes

Our Surrey Offices are available in the following sizes:

155 sqft office which is perfect for 2-3 people to work in

195 sqft corner office which is comfortable for 3-4 people to work in.

195 sqft office which is comfortable for 2-3 people and a small boardroom table.


Lease Length & Prices

While we prefer 1 year leases, if your business is brand new and you are stressing a little we will allow a shorter term lease to get you started in your business venture. There are no surprise costs the quoted prices are the price you will pay (plus GST). Longer term leases of 2-3 years are more than welcome as well.

If you want to rent multiple offices at once you are more than welcome and we would be willing to provide a discount.

Your Neighbours

The Guildford building is designed to be a professional building in Surrey and as such your neighbours will be companies like accountants, technology companies, finance companies, realtors, lawyers, graphic designers, and other professional type businesses. We reserve the right to refuse leasing to a company that we feel with not be a good fit for the feel of the building.

Common Waiting Area for All Tenants
Office A (195 sqft)
Co-Working Shared Office Space - Dedicated Desk
Office B (155 sqft)
Office D (195 sqft)
Common Office Kitchen for Tenants
Lots of Free Parking - Exterior of Surrey Building Facing 152nd Street

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    9547 152nd Street
    Surrey, BC

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